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vegan students

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I'm creating this community for vegans who are in school. I'm hoping that we'll be able to share ideas, recipes, discuss what it's like to be vegan while in school, and other stuff.

Let's start with a few ground rules:

1) this community is for those who are vegan (or moving towards veganism), please don't advocate the use of animal products in this community.

2) this community is for students attending college, grad school, etc. Please post things of interest that are relevant to students.

3) Use the subject line to describe your post. This will be helpful if we ever want to archive the entries!

4) be respectful of other members, please don't be: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or just an asshole. No elitism or "vegan-er" than thou attitudes.

5)When you're posting a recipe it would also be nice if you included what equipment is needed (helpful for those in dorms), prep time and cook time.

6)We are vegans, we don't eat SPAM, so please don't SPAM our community.

7) Cross-posting to other vegan communities is allowed ONLY if the post is related to being vegan AND in school. Think before you cross-post.

8) I reserve the right to delete any off-topic or excessively cross-posted posts.

I got the idea because I saw a lot of people posting on vegancooking about recipes for school, ideas about how to eat healthy and vegan while in school so I thought it might make a good community.

moderated by freshgroundfemm

also moderated by oneofthemnow! <--email her if you have any problems. her email is: blackbirdwords@gmail.com