K.J. (kaoticspiral) wrote in vegan_in_school,

freezing cooked tofu?

Hi all

I have tofu that I'd like to fry up with a coating of bread crumbs and freeze, but I'm not sure if it will freeze okay. I leave for college in a week and have limited access to an oven or stove. We have a microwave on our floor so that's the cooking equipment I have. I was hoping I could cook the tofu at home, freeze it and then keep it frozen at school until I eat it. Has anyone done this before?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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it won't hurt the tofu, but it will change its texture--frozen tofu becomes more rubbery/tough (some people think it's more "meaty" then)--if you think this sounds like a change that you'd like, go for it--some people like it better than non-frozen, and some don't, but it'll definitely still be edible.
Thanks for the information I am going to freeze some that I just finished cooking and will let you know if it tastes the same or changes the texture .