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Vegans and Residential Meal Plans

Hi, this is my first post here. I'm a part of my university's social justice society, and we're currently working on a project related to our school's food providers. At our school, if you are in residence, it's mandatory that you subscribe to a meal plan. Unfortionatly, our cafeteria's meal provider does not even provide very many vegetarian options, and next to no vegan options, and most of the food served in the meal halls are really unhealthy. As such, it's a total waste of money for any vegans/vegetarians in residence to have to pay for food they cannot even eat.

We're working on getting better food, and sometime in the future, having a student run alternative. Right now, we're working on a survey to get proof of how many students are unsatisfied with the meal plan (even the non veg*ns are upset with the quality of the food), and how many want to opt out. As students, what do you think would be some good questions for this survey? Also, what are your opinions/ideas regarding a student run alternative?

Thanks :-)

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